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Every step of the way, Disruptive has amazed us at Bahaari with their innovative approach and refusal to play by the conventional rules. They’ve shown an incredible understanding of our needs, adapting seamlessly to deliver beyond expectations.

– Meriam Chedli

founder | CEO

a globally inspired lifestyle brand.

Bahaari aimed to create a brand that celebrates diversity and connects communities through unique, handcrafted fashion and accessories. They wanted Bahaari to be more than just a fashion brand—but a portal of discovery, embodying the beauty and richness of distinct cultures.

Create a brand that celebrates diversity and transcends borders.

Bring Bahaari’s vision to life by showcasing their bold and distinctive pieces, which infuse African prints with a modern, urban aesthetic.

A passion for storytelling through handcrafted fashion.

With Disruptive’s support, Bahaari has evolved from a handbag brand to a full-fledged lifestyle label, offering fashion, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and more. The partnership not only elevated Bahaari’s online presence but also created a brand that transcends borders, connecting people through a shared appreciation for craftsmanship, culture, and creativity.

is not just a brand; it’s a reflection of Bahaari’s diverse cultural background.

Founded by Meriam Chedli, a woman of Tunisian descent with roots in Congo. Her journey from Congo to Europe and eventually to the United States inspired her to launch Bahaari, meaning “ocean” in Arabic and Swahili. Starting with the logo, we created a stylized fish to symbolize both the ocean and the Tunisian belief in the fish as a sign of good luck.

Established online presence, through captivating photography and elegant web design.

Bahaari’s commitment to sustainability and innovation caught the eye of Florida’s Foxtail Coffee Company, and a collaboration was formed. By upcycling coffee bean bags, Meriam created an elegant line of products that seamlessly integrates African prints with eco-conscious design—a testament to Bahaari’s ethos of celebrating diversity and embracing creativity.

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